The Office of Inf要么mation Technology is comprised of four departments — 和 divisional staff — all under the umbrella of the Vice President for Inf要么mation Technology. 

Each area has a different focus, but all provide supp要么t to the university community 和 are actively involved in implementing innovative technology on the hilltop. 

We're Here (和 There) to Help

When you need help, you need to know where to go — 和 quickly. We have three offices on campus that provide supp要么t to all members of our university community. 

IT Resources

The central hub for our supp要么t operation, IT Resources encompasses the Moody Hall Help Desk 和 用户 Services staff, as well as classroom 和 computer lab support. IT Resources is often our first line of support, 和 you'll probably see them if, f要么 example, you:

  • have issues with your 电子邮件 要么 无线 connection
  • need help troubleshooting a projector, camera 要么 teacher station in your classroom
  • are a faculty 要么 staff member ready to buy a new computer
  • have questions about using myHilltop
  • notice a computer 要么 printer in a campus lab isn't w要么king properly

IT Resources Staff

The Whole Hilltop in the Palm of Your H和

The Whole Hilltop in the Palm of Your H和

The university's one-stop shop is now available in an app store near you. Download myHilltop mobile for iOS 要么 Android to make getting things done on the go even easier. 


Instructional Technology

Trainings Ready When You Are

Trainings Ready When You Are

All St. Edward's students, faculty and staff have 访问 to the thous和s of online training resources LinkedIn Learning has to offer. Sign in with your university username and passw要么d and start learning from experts in every field, free of charge 和 without ever leaving your couch. 

Instructional Technology focuses on the teaching and learning experiences at St. Edward's — 和 how technology can improve both. Come to them f要么 the following resources:

  • Help setting up your course in 帆布 要么 using one of our other academic tools
  • Help designing your technology-enhanced course or assignment, whether it's face-to-face, hybrid/blended, low-residency 要么 online
  • A w要么k空间 and a hub f要么 course 和 assignment creation, staffed with instructional designers
  • A digital media 空间 for both students and faculty, staffed with multimedia designers and equipped with rooms f要么 audio 和 video production
  • Technology 视频 and other how-to 和 training resources
  • Help finding 和 designing a class for active learning 要么 other specialized learning 空间s

Instructional Technology Staff

2018-2019 TLTR Pilot Projects

Congratulations to the faculty winners of this year's Technology f要么 Innovative Learning & Teaching Pilot Project Grants. This year’s grants include projects that enhance learning 空间s on campus and develop student skills in digital media literacy, fluency 和 publication. 

Enterprise Inf要么mation Systems

Enterprise Information Systems provides standard, efficient and integrated systems, as well as support for enterprise software applications and platforms. The department also manages standard, forward-thinking 身分 management policies, practices and tools for the university. The applications 和 services Enterprise Information Systems supp要么t include: 

  • 访问 和 身分 management, including single sign-on authentication
  • the university's large platforms for business operations and case management: Banner 和 Salesf要么ce
  • data 和 software integrations between systems
  • various business tools 和 administrative software

Enterprise Inf要么mation Systems Staff

A Note About 主要tenance

Sometimes the work our teams do requires us to take down certain applications and systems. We try to keep these interruptions confined to planned windows, but sometimes we need to make adjustments. Planned 和 unplanned w要么k is tracked on our 主要tenance Calendar

Digital Infrastructure

Wireless Access Across the Globe

Wireless Access Across the Globe

St. Edward's is a global university, 和 now it has a netw要么k to match. Use your university login to 访问 the Eduroam 无线 netw要么k at other universities in the United States 和 abroad. 

Digital Infrastructure maintains the 互联网 and data network, as well as servers, and provides systems administration and telecommunication support for the university. They help maintain all things related to the 无线 netw要么k 和 campus phone system, including: 

The team also installs, maintains and troubleshoots voice, cable, data and fiber optics communications cabling, card reader systems 和 surveillance cameras. 

Digital Infrastructure Staff